The mathematical game attributed to Archimedes

1500 years prior to the discovery of the Chinese Tangram, Archimedes described the Stomachion. This game was gradually diffused throughout the Mediterranean from the second century A.D. onwards, initially in the Greek zones and then in the Roman ones.

The attached booklet presents interesting mathematical features surrounding this artefact as well as recounting the eventful history of Palimpsest, a recently discovered ancient manuscript containing various missing works on Syracusan mathematics that had been overwritten with liturgic texts, among which was the Stomachion.

The 32 page booklet includes historical information, usage instructions and many interesting facts, including all the various ways to recompose the 14 pieces of the square.

Technical information

Contents: case, 14 sticks, 32 pages instruction booklet
Material: wood
Box: cardboard box 13,4 × 13,4 × 1,4 cm
Weight: 160 g
Retail price: € 24,90

English edition is coming soon