Napier’s Bones

Calculating using the ancient method invented by John Napier

Dating back to their invention in 1614, for three centuries these calculation rods were the chief instrument used to perform multiplications and divisions.

The set of rods is a true reproduction of the original version designed by Napier as described in his work Rabdology.

The attached booklet provides complete instructions on how to perform mathematical calculations, historical information and interesting snippets of information on the subject.

The attached 32 page booklet includes historical information, usage instructions in addition to many other interesting snippets of information.


Technical information

Contents: base, 10 “bones” printed on 4 sides, 32 pages instruction booklet
Material: wood
Box: cardboard box 12,2 × 12,2 × 2,8 cm
Weight: 160 g
Retail price: € 24,90

English edition is coming soon