Constant width solids

Based on the Rouleaux triangle

These constant width solids behave like spheres. This is possible because, independent of their peculiar shape, its diameter remains the same at any point. This can be demonstrated by positioning a flat object, such as a hardcover book, on top of the solid where it will then roll as if placed on a sphere. Furthermore, these wonky shapes don’t roll away.
The shape is based upon a revolution of the Reuleaux triangle.

The attached booklet describes some of its applications, such as the Wankel engine that uses a rotary design or the drill bit that makes square holes.
Sold in sets of 3 pieces.

Technical information

Contents: 3 solids instruction booklet
Material: wood
Box: cardboard box 16 × 6 × 4,5 cm
Weight: 100 g
Retail price: € 24,90

English edition is coming soon