Gioco da tavolo Mathematicus

The game of mathematics

The most comprehensive mathematical game ever produced, for players aged from 8 to 99 years old

  • Game board
  • 416 cards containing 1,600 questions organised into 4 levels of difficulty and stored in a wooden case
  • 7 advanced game mode cards
  • Instruction manual (24 pages)
  • Book of mathematical curiosities (176 pages)
  • Slide Rule
  • 40 Napier’s Bones
  • 165 tokens featuring digits of various numeral systems
  • 49 tokens for use during game play
  • 4 dice, 5 pawns and 2 hourglasses

The box contains 525 pieces and printed parts featuring 1,214 illustrations.

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Price: $ 49,90

Istruction manual

The author

Cesare Baj: scientific writer, designer of analogue computing instruments, constructor of sundials, aviator.
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Video presentation (English subtitle)

Ilaria Fanelli (, an accomplished blogger and math teacher, presents the game

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